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It’s the 21st century and chances are you’re busy. It’s cool, I am too! That’s why I tend to often use YouTube as my go-to for my daily yoga practice. The wonderful thing about yoga instruction on YouTube is that it’s completely, 100% FREE! I mean, who doesn’t love free yoga exercises?

There are thousands of yoga professionals on YouTube, and I am only scratching the surface on some of my favorites. If I left anyone out, it’s not because I don’t think they’re totally awesome! It’s just there are so many and I don’t have the time to start writing a book about yoga-on-YouTube (although maybe I should. Lol.)

If you’re like me and enjoy having someone guide you through a tension releasing, mood boosting, or body-part specific yoga routine, here are 4 yoga channels that you should really look into:

Yoga With Adriene

I’m always going to have love for the Yoga With Adriene channel. It’s the first YouTube channel focused on yoga that I subscribed to (I just realized I don’t subscribe to a bunch of channels… I’m going to fix that! Everybody deserves that subscription click if you enjoy their videos regularly). Anyway, Yoga with Adriene caught my attention because she’s been dedicated to her channel for years, and puts out new videos regularly! She still has videos up from 6 years ago, and they’re just as good as some of her more recent ones.

Some things I love about Adriene and her yoga channel are:

  1. She’s genuine!
  2. She’s hilarious!
  3. The amount of videos on her channel will keep you occupied for years!
  4. Her dog, Benji!

One of my favorite video sets she’s done are her 30-day challenge videos. These are great because she puts a new video out every day for 30 days, and you can use these to stay motivated to “keep up” with the channel.

Yoga Dose / Yoga With Tim

Yoga with Tim is another great yoga channel on YouTube. What’s awesome about Tim is that he sometimes will have someone else in his video doing the yoga poses while he goes over how the body should move and feel in the process. His instruction is very clear and moves at a very steady pace.

Some things I like about Tim and his channel are:

  1. His personality!
  2. The quality of his videos and thumbnails are aesthetically appealing and make you want to click on them!
  3. He has yoga instruction videos for all levels!
  4. His videos cover all different types of yoga practices from stretching to meditation!

Another thing that Yoga with Tim does extremely well (as well as do the other channels mentioned in this blog) is that he has videos that are as short as 5 minutes to ones that are longer than an hour! This is great for those days when you’re either in a rush or you have all the time in the world to dedicate to your practice.

Shona Vertue

Another great yoga channel to check out is Shona Vertue. She’s great for many reasons, and I don’t see how anyone could not enjoy watching her videos. Seriously, even if you don’t do yoga, just watch her channel introduction video and you’ll see what I mean.

Some of my favorite things about Shona’s channel are:

  1. Her vibe and sense of humor!
  2. She does workout videos apart from just yoga videos!
  3. She has health-food videos as well!
  4. All of her videos are enjoyable to watch!

Seriously, the only thing I don’t like about Shona Vertue’s channel is that she doesn’t have more content! I would love it if she were to put out a weekly video, but sadly they’re often two weeks to a month apart. If you’ve read my Yoga For When You’re Sick blog, I used her yoga video and many of her ideas when writing it. They sure helped me recover faster!

Yoga With Kassandra

Yoga With Kassandra is another great channel, though I have not watched as many videos of hers as I have from the channels listed above, and not for any particular reason other than simply that I’ve only been doing yoga consistently for a little over a year and just discovered her channel a few months ago!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE her channel, I’m just a newbie who doesn’t have as much to say on Kassandra’s channel yet. Here are a couple things that I do love about Kassandra and her channel:

  1. Her unique yoga stretches that aren’t as typical as the ones I’ve done in the past! She does Yin Yoga!
  2. Her Q&A, unboxing, and review videos!
  3. Her online yoga certification!
  4. Her dedication to her channel!

I’m definitely going to be watching more of her videos and am highly likely to sign up for her Yin Yoga Certification. I’ve wanted to become an instructor lately, as I love to teach and I want to focus on helping people who think they can’t do yoga for whatever reason. You CAN do yoga, and if you’re looking for an online, certified yoga instructor that you can manage at your own pace, Kassandra’s channel is great!

Free Yoga!

I can’t say that free yoga is necessarily the best yoga, per se, as there are so many wonderful yoga instructors out there who’ve put in many years and deserve the compensation they demand for their teachings. However, free yoga is absolutely better than no yoga! It’s super convenient, obviously affordable, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wanted to work on their body out on their own schedule.

If you enjoyed this article feel free to share it with a friend! You can leave a comment below with your thoughts on the channels I mentioned or feel free to tell me your favorite YouTube yoga channel. You can leave any other questions or comments below, as well. Don’t be shy! I love connecting with other people, and I hope this article helped you find a little peace.



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