Beginner Yoga Exercise Routine – Forming Habits

If you’re looking for a beginner yoga exercise routine, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you come up with a daily or weekly routine that works for you and your schedule. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’re pretty busy, and though you may be interested in getting into a new, healthy habit, you may be struggling to find the time to fit anything new into your already packed schedule.

No worries! You don’t have to make any drastic changes to fit a little bit of yoga into your life. All it takes is a few minutes every day. After a few weeks of regular practice, you’ll start to notice how much more time you have than you realize. Yoga can allow your mind to really slow down and see things in a new perspective. You’ll not only be able to focus more on the things that are important, but you’ll hopefully gain a surge of new and fresh energy that will carry you through the rest of your day

Where Do You Have Time?

The first step in starting anything new, yoga or not, is to find where it can fit in your schedule. If you have all the free time in the world, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’re in a position like mine, you probably don’t have a ton of free time to waste or fill with new activities.

When you’re starting out, it might be overwhelming, but I assure you that there is time for a few minutes of yoga a day. You don’t have to get up any earlier or get up any later than usual. You don’t have to try to force it in. Just see where it fits in naturally.

For me, I like to start first thing in the morning, before breakfast or really anything else. I find starting my day with yoga really helps my attitude throughout the day. I don’t let stressful situations affect me as severely as before, and I tend to have a fairly clear head throughout the day. I used to spend my first hour or so before work trying to get a bunch of other things done, but I found myself rushing around the house, barely getting anything done, and leaving more stressed out than I needed to be. Since changing my daily routine, I feel more balanced and relaxed throughout the day.

Now, you may already have a morning routine that you want to stick to, and that’s completely fine. Morning yoga works for me, but I understand that it’s not something for everyone. If you can’t fit it in during the morning, what about the evening? What about the middle of the day? If you truly feel there isn’t time, I challenge you to look a little deeper. How do you spend your lunch break at work? Could it be possible to fit a 10-minute session in there? What about right before bed? How much time do you spend scrolling through your feed on your smart-phone or laptop? Could you possibly give up a few minutes of your day doing other menial tasks to spend a couple minutes on your mat?

It doesn’t even have to be a daily thing! If you can aim to just do once or twice a week, that’s a huge first step. Building discipline and forming a habit, is the important thing to remember. Once you’ve fared a few weeks of regular practice, the rest will come naturally. You won’t even have to think about finding the time.

Discipline Yourself, Form a Habit

Discipline might be a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I believe discipline to be a very powerful and positive characteristic! I’m proud to say that I have discipline and can choose how I want to live my life rather than taking it by chance. Granted, not everything is under my control, but the things I can control are helping me form healthy habits that the future me will be very grateful of.

Whether you’re a naturally disciplined person or not, it’s something that is easily learned, and once you have it, it only gets stronger. Start out by disciplining yourself on something easy if you don’t believe me. Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that says “I have discipline.” Every morning, when you wake up and see the note, read it out loud to yourself in the mirror. Do this every day for one month. If by the end of the month you were able to complete this simple task, BOOM! You have discipline. You were able to change your daily routine, even if it was only a very small change. You still had the discipline to follow through every day and complete the task.

Whether you’re starting in the morning or evening, going for a daily routine or weekly routine, try your best to keep your yoga routine consistent. This will help with the discipline. If you try to wing it, fitting it in wherever you can day-by-day, you might find yourself skipping more often than you’d like. Instead, if you have a set routine and a specific time dedicated to your practice, you’ll be more likely to follow through.

Time Limits

Along with keeping your daily or weekly routine consistent, setting time limits is another super helpful way to stay on track. If you have ample free time, this section might not be quite as important, but if you’re a busy-bee these time limits will definitely come in handy.

I recommend starting with at least 10 minutes of yoga for beginners. If you don’t have 10 minutes, you can start with 5 and there’s nothing wrong with that. Anything more than 10 is just a bonus! I’ve found that my ideal yoga workout lasts anywhere from 25-30 minutes. Usually, if I try to do anything longer, my mind tends to drift. You can find what works for you, and stick to that.

I recommend starting with around 10 minutes for newcomers, as you don’t want to overwork your body if you’re not used to exercising. If you do an hour yoga session the first day, and the next day your entire body is sore-as-can-be, how likely do you think it is you’ll hop on your mat again the next day, or even the day after. I’ll tell you, it’s not likely. Start small, but be consistent. The more you get used to the exercise routine, the easier it will get, and the longer you’ll be able to stay on the mat.

Setting a timer or alarm clock to keep you on track can definitely help. When you block-out specific times for specific tasks throughout your day, you’ll soon notice how beneficial this habit can be. You won’t have to worry about being late for anything, since you’ll know exactly how long you have dedicated to your yoga practice.


Don’t beat yourself up if you’re finding it hard getting started with all of this. It takes times forming habits. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You shouldn’t expect to form a brand new habit overnight, especially one that involves exercise. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up!

The key is to notice your failures and learn from them. For example, if your original intent was to start a daily morning practice, but you’re finding yourself groggy and unmotivated most mornings, you could maybe try making Wednesdays your day to get serious. You could also try an evening routine, to see if it’s just the mornings that weren’t working out.

You don’t need to get this down 100%. Nobody is perfect, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be, especially not if you’re just starting. I will say, the closer you are to sticking with your goals, the easier they will come over time. Try not to get frustrated with yourself. Instead, be proud that your head and heart are in the right place and working towards getting you where you want to be.

You can do this. I believe in you. If you need any tips for what I’ve found works for me, feel free to ask them in the comments below! I’m more than happy to share anything I know or do if it will help. We’re all in this together.



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